A small artisan company from Vicenza, it has been operating for over 40 years in the carpentry sector for custom-made furnishings. It has its own equipment to satisfy all types of woodworking but, due to its natural vocation, it adapts more to the creation of unique furnishings, which range from the home sector, to HORECA, to shops and boutiques, exhibition stands, motor-homes, fittings for ships and everything that comes from a design to turn into reality.

This Magic, since it is magic, is made possible by three fundamental components for the success of each realization: Head, Heart and above all Hands! No machine can replace them. An intrinsic value of the people who make up this company, a unique heritage.

Resource, no less important: the network of small and medium-sized craftsmen who actively collaborate with M3 interiors, in the fields of the various finishing components: from painting of various kinds, to the creation of metal parts of particular nature and processing, furnishings with natural stones and not, fabrics and upholstery made to design and, why not? often apparently complicated inventions and solutions whose result is sometimes surprising.

Collaboration with Italian and foreign designers and general contractors, who have made possible the feasibility of ideas and projects for some international brands, as well as realizations of famous restaurants and private homes on the French Riviera, prestigious apartments in Astana and Russia, professional studios.